A Helping Hand is Always Near


A quick helping hand is all it takes to make a stranger’s day a little easier. Photos of a young woman helping a blind Chicago Cubs fan hail a cab have taken the internet by storm. Yusef Dale, an assistant U.S. attorney in Chicago, was trying to flag down a cab for several minutes when Casel Spelman, of Indianapolis, chose to be a good samaritan. One photo shows Superman holding onto Dale as she gets a driver’s attention while the other captures the two in a kind hug before they depart. The photos have garnered an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the public and will hopefully inspire others to be kind and give their assistance when needed. Read more here.

Our Mission: Inspiring Our Neighbors

We provide rental housing for over 1,200 people, and our staff believes that housing is the most fundamental of needs. Almost all of our staff lives in our communities, and each morning we are there as residents embark on their day. We expect our residents to pass on to others the good service, good deeds, and acts of kindness we provide every day. Our staff works hard to inspire our residents so that they can inspire others. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the staff’s deeds spread across our properties, to our neighbors, down our blocks, and into the entire region.