“Our Neighbors Are Our Relatives”: Rock’s Latest Inspiring Our Neighbors Award Winner Cares for Others


Resident Georgina Bajo at our 219 Lincoln Avenue building in Newark is this season’s winner of our Inspiring Our Neighbors award.   When a neighbor two doors down had a heart attack at night, the neighbor’s wife called Ms. Bajo for help.  Ms. Bajo called 911 and, as a nursing assistant who works in an area hospital, assisted with the emergency.  During the neighbor’s two week stay in the hospital, Ms. Bajo visited, transported his wife back and forth to visit, and took custody of their youngest daughter.    As Ms. Bajo said, “It is not that we are rich, but we have a passion of helping others in times of crises.”  Ms. Bajo won the immigration lottery and moved here from Ghana in 2009 with her daughter and husband.  They now have three daughters.  She relates that working full-time and raising three children in this country with no other family is difficult and stressful.  She is thankful for the education system in this country and the opportunity it provides her children.  Their goal is to purchase a home one day, and until then she plans on living in our building.  “We don’t have a direct family member nearby, but our neighbors are our relatives.”  Ms. Bajo’s actions are an inspiration to all of us at Rock Properties, and she received a $1,000 credit towards her rent. (Photo found on the Charter for Compassion’s website.)

Our Mission: Inspiring Our Neighbors

We provide rental housing for over 1,200 people, and our staff believes that housing is the most fundamental of needs. Almost all of our staff lives in our communities, and each morning we are there as residents embark on their day. We expect our residents to pass on to others the good service, good deeds, and acts of kindness we provide every day. Our staff works hard to inspire our residents so that they can inspire others. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the staff’s deeds spread across our properties, to our neighbors, down our blocks, and into the entire region.