Inspiring Our Neighbors Award: Long-time Rock Properties Resident Gives Selflessly to Others



Resident Iris Zammit, this season’s winner of the Inspiring Our Neighbors award, has lived at our 45 Hopkins Avenue property since 1983. Originally from Malta, marriage to a building resident brought her to the building. In the years she has lived here, she has established close friendships in the building by doing good deeds for her neighbors. She is the unofficial Santa for the building’s youth, giving away presents at Christmas time. She also helps a working neighbor drop her daughter at school nearly every day. She claims to be happiest when relaxing with her neighbors at outdoor barbecues using the grill in the building’s backyard.

Ms. Zammit worked on the 50th floor of the World Trade Center for Marshall and McCluen for 35 years, surviving both the 1993 bombing and the 9/11 attack. When the first plane hit, and many of her co-workers lingered, Ms. Zammit immediately descended the stairs, exited the building, and, helping an elderly woman accompany her, left the area. She was blocks away, riding the subway, when the towers fell. Within two weeks, her company established alternate offices in Midtown Manhattan, and Ms. Zammit was back at work, resuming duties for many of her colleagues who were tragically lost in the attack.

We congratulate Aunt Iris, as she is known to her neighbors, on winning a $1,000 rent credit.

Resident Managers Jangchup Gyalsten and Karma Norden Lachugpa received $300 for nominating their community’s resident.

Our Mission: Inspiring Our Neighbors

We provide rental housing for over 1,200 people, and our staff believes that housing is the most fundamental of needs. Almost all of our staff lives in our communities, and each morning we are there as residents embark on their day. We expect our residents to pass on to others the good service, good deeds, and acts of kindness we provide every day. Our staff works hard to inspire our residents so that they can inspire others. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the staff’s deeds spread across our properties, to our neighbors, down our blocks, and into the entire region.