High school students build bus stop shelter for classmate in wheelchair

For many kids, catching the school bus in the morning means running down the driveway at the last second. For 5-year-old Ryder Kilam, things are a little more complicated. Ryder uses a wheelchair. All year, his parents pushed him to the end of the driveway and tried to shelter him from the elements with a […]

Neighbors support each other with Christmas lights

What started as a simple act of kindness turned into a neighborhood project that spread love through an entire community near Baltimore. When Kim Morton began suffering from anxiety and depression last year, Matt Riggs, her neighbor across the street, stretched white Christmas lights from his house to her’s as a show of support. The […]

Tennessee man drives to Kentucky to feed tornado survivors

Mayfield, Kentucky, faces unimaginable loss after a tornado demolished most of the town. Tennessee native Jimmy finch drove to his neighboring state with a grill to help feed those left without homes or electricity. Finch is grilling burgers, chicken, and hotdogs, providing hundreds of hot meals a day while residents clean up in the cold. […]

Town celebrates WWII vet’s birthday with drive-by parade

The folks in Richmond, VA, love to celebrate heroes. When WWII veteran Rayford Harris Sr. turned 96-years-old, the town’s residents outdid themselves. Once a teacher at Virginia State University, Harris was surprised to find himself as the guest of honor at his own drive-by parade. Family, friends, neighbors, and former students all turned up to […]

Customers step in to help struggling general store

Dan & Whit’s general store is a staple in Norwich, Connecticut. The small hometown store has catered to residents for generations with everything from greeting cards to food. When the worker shortage hit, Dan & Whit’s had to consider closing their doors for good. With no one to man the deli or check customers out, […]

Teen uses Make-A-Wish to feed the hungry

Born with a rare blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant, 13-year-old Abraham Olagbegi qualified for Make-A-Wish, the nonprofit that fulfills the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses. Many children choose a lifelong dream to visit faraway places or meet celebrities. Abraham had bigger goals. The 13-year-old used his wish to feed the homeless […]

High schooler pushes brother in wheelchair in track competitions

Susan Bergeman grew up in a family of runners, so it was only natural she gravitated to the sport. What most didn’t expect was that she’d push her older brother and his wheelchair in every race so they could compete side by side. Susan’s brother, Jeffrey, has cerebral palsy and cannot take part in traditional, […]

15-year-old creates artificial pancreas after sister’s diabetes diagnosis

When her younger sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, 15-year-old Katherine wanted to help. Katherine watched as her sister repeatedly pricked her finger with a needle to monitor her blood glucose, counted carbs, and injected insulin to keep her blood sugar in check. Then she had an idea. Katherine created an artificial pancreas as […]

Parking ticket program helps feed those in need

Finding a parking ticket on your windshield is usually a heart-dropping, wallet-draining experience. One community in Wisconsin is turning dreaded parking tickets into food for those in need. For each food item donated to “Food for Fines,” $2 is taken off the ticket’s cost. The program started in 2016 and has donated more than 5,000 […]

Boy honors his grandfather by mowing the lawns of 50 veterans

Frederick Adams was a military veteran and volunteer firefighter. Wherever he went, so followed his 14-year-old grandson Nathan Adams. The elder Adams taught his family the value of hard work and perseverance. When Nathan sought out a job but learned he was too young to work, he started a lawn mowing business. With his grandfather […]