Teen saves best friend’s life one day after learning CPR

Torri’ell Norwood wants to be a nurse someday. Learning all she can as fast as she’s able is a priority for the 16-year-old. That’s why she took CPR lessons at her school. One day after completing the CPR class, Norwood was in a car accident that left her best friend without a pulse. Moments after […]

Minnesota woman sends joy with postcards

The instant nature of email and texts makes them popular choices for communication. Mary Steinbicker knows the value of getting a surprise by postal mail. Last year, the Minnesota resident’s New Year’s resolution was to send one postcard a day to a friend, family member, or stranger. She succeeded. Steinbicker sent 366 notes of joy […]

Baltimore chef drives to Vermont to cook for terminally ill customer

Maryland resident Brandon Jones wanted to fulfill every dying wish for his mother-in-law, who was in the final stages of lung cancer. When she told him about her favorite dish, Jones reached out to the restaurant owners, hoping to secure the recipe. Always one to put customers first, owner Steve Chu did better than forward […]

WWII vet weaves hundreds of hats for Salvation Army

Minnesotan Tom Cornish volunteered for service in WWII, and he’s continued to give of his time ever since. The 96-year-old says, “If someone needs something, I give it to them.” Following this ideal, Cornish not only weaved headwear for donation to the Salvation Army but taught others the craft as well. To date, Cornish has […]

Miami janitor feeds thousands

As a child in her native Haiti, Doramise Moreau had a habit of taking food from her parents’ cupboards and giving it to those in need. Today, her focus remains on others. Moreau works as a janitor at a technical college in Miami by day. At night, she turns her attention to feeding the hungry. […]

Chicago teen helps seniors sign up for COVID-19 vaccine

There are a lot of things 14-year-old Benjamin Kagan could be doing in his free time. Most kids his age play sports or video games after school. Kagan is helping senior citizens book COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The tech-savvy teenager first helped his grandparents in Florida secure an appointment. After realizing many seniors don’t have internet, […]

Strangers took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she gets stuck in a storm

Snow doesn’t usually fall in Austin, Texas. When it did, grocery delivery driver Chelsea Timmons found herself stranded in a customer’s driveway. Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson invited the chilled Timmons inside to wait for a tow truck. Due to weather conditions, the rescue truck didn’t arrive that night. Timmons spent five whole days […]

Texas man rescues more than 140 drivers stranded on snowy roads

When a freak winter snowstorm rolled through Texas, Ryan Sivley loaded his 4×4 with recovery straps and chains and hit the road. Sivley rescued more than 140 drivers stranded on the side of the road and gave rides to nurses who needed to get to work. Each day, Sivley is still out there, riding up […]

Restaurant owner buys out tamale vendors to get them out of the cold

During a cold snap in Chicago, restauranteur Robert Magiet purchased 50 tamales from a street vendor. Then he went down the street to purchase 15 dozen more. Magiet started his tamale project years ago after watching vendors try to make a living on freezing days when customers preferred to stay indoors. Magiet donates the tamales […]

10-year-old clears snow off cars for essential workers

When a storm hit Westerly, R.I., a 10-year-old jumped into action to help essential workers. Christian Stone went to a hospital parking lot in the middle of a snowstorm. Armed with an ice scraper and brush and bundled up against the cold, he went to work. Christian spent the evening cleaning snow and ice from […]