Texas man rescues more than 140 drivers stranded on snowy roads

When a freak winter snowstorm rolled through Texas, Ryan Sivley loaded his 4×4 with recovery straps and chains and hit the road. Sivley rescued more than 140 drivers stranded on the side of the road and gave rides to nurses who needed to get to work. Each day, Sivley is still out there, riding up […]

Restaurant owner buys out tamale vendors to get them out of the cold

During a cold snap in Chicago, restauranteur Robert Magiet purchased 50 tamales from a street vendor. Then he went down the street to purchase 15 dozen more. Magiet started his tamale project years ago after watching vendors try to make a living on freezing days when customers preferred to stay indoors. Magiet donates the tamales […]

10-year-old clears snow off cars for essential workers

When a storm hit Westerly, R.I., a 10-year-old jumped into action to help essential workers. Christian Stone went to a hospital parking lot in the middle of a snowstorm. Armed with an ice scraper and brush and bundled up against the cold, he went to work. Christian spent the evening cleaning snow and ice from […]

Retired mathematician fixes hundreds of bikes free of charge

When a neighbor needed someone to fix the brakes on his daughter’s bike last year, Ric Jackson stepped up. And he’s been stepping up for his Maryland community ever since.Jackson, a retired mathematician and avid cyclist has repaired more than 650 bicycles for neighbors, friends, and strangers in his hometown.Jackson charges nothing for his work, […]

Prison inmates pay student’s $32k tuition

Sy Newson Green was a sophomore at a private Catholic high school when both his parents lost their jobs due to illness. While Green prepared to return to public school, prison inmates rallied to help the youth continue his education. Inspired by books they read through an inmate program called Exercise in Empathy, inmates pooled […]

Big tip helps restaurant workers ring in the new year

When a Miami juice bar opened on New Year’s Day, they weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. Then, a loyal customer strolled in. The regular diner ordered her usual breakfast and then did something that changed lives: she left a $2,021 tip. When paying her bill, the restaurant guest asked that all workers receive […]

Homeless man rescues animals from shelter fire

When Keith Walker saw smoke coming from an animal shelter, he ran into the burning building by himself. Walker, who has been homeless since he was 13- years-old, repeatedly entered the crumbling shelter in Georgia to free others’ pets. Walker saved all the animals from the shelter, including ten cats and six dogs. Read More […]

Florida man pays utility bills of 114 families

Michael Esmond is a generous man. Last year, the Florida resident paid the utility bills of 36 families in his community to help them avoid losing power. This year, with a hurricane hitting the city and his neighbors struggling to pay their bills due to Covid layoffs, Esmond pulled out his wallet again, settling up […]

Home bakers band together to make bread for people in need

In Seattle, 95 home bakers teamed up to bake and distribute fresh, nutrient-rich bread to those in need. The giving group of volunteers, called Community Loaves, is using local flour and ingredients. Each baker, young and old, bakes four loaves of bread, donating three to a local food pantry and keeping one for themselves. Community […]

94-year-old makes 300 wooden toys for kids for Christmas

Ed Higinbotham and Santa have something in common: they both love to make children smile. The 94-year-old spends all year making wooden trucks, trains, tractors, and other toys for kids. This year, Higinbotham donated 300 handmade items for distribution in his community for the holidays. Since the 1980s, the Pennsylvania resident has crafted and given more […]