Yard sale by stranger helps teen go to homecoming

Like many others, Susan Thompson-Gaines holds a yard sale every year. Unlike most, though, she donates the profits to fulfill the hopes and dreams of others. Her past random acts of kindness have included buying donuts for overworked nurses, leaving flowers at veterans’ graves, and delivering presents for Santa Claus. This year, the Virginia resident […]

Volunteers help Florida paraplegics enjoy the water again

Sergio Echeverria loved the ocean so much his friends nicknamed him “Aquaman.” When a tractor accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, he thought his beach days were over. Florida volunteers stepped up to the challenge of making the beach accessible to all by placing plastic mats on a stretch of Miami Beach and […]

Neighbors fix handyman’s roof

James “Mac” McWhorter has worked in his neighborhood as a handyman for decades. When someone was in need, Mac always stepped in to help. There was no job that was too big or too small for the generous man. When Mac’s neighbors noticed his own roof required repair, they returned the favor, pulling together materials […]

Preschooler gets kidney transplant from teacher

Five-year-old Kayleigh Kulage has been undergoing dialysis since she was a baby. Because she was too sick to attend school, preschool teacher Robin Mach came to her. When the young Missouri girl qualified for a transplant this year, her teacher stepped in to help, offering her kidney to the young girl. Discovering they were a […]

Students invent device so a wheelchair-bound father can walk his newborn

Jeremy King had brain surgery to remove a tumor three years ago. While the successful surgery saved his life, it left him in a wheelchair with balance issues. When King and his wife learned they were expecting a baby, he worried he couldn’t help with basic parenting tasks. Then 10 students found a solution. As […]

Man spends two years improving health to donate kidney to co-worker

Cornell professor Ron Ehrenberg needed a kidney. For five years, he and his wife searched for a donor to treat his end-stage renal disease. As hope faded, Ehrenberg began dialysis. Behind the scenes, co-worker Adam Seth Litwin knew he was a match but did not qualify for the surgery because of his weight and health. […]

Hawaiin teen is cashing in on recycling to help others go to college

Hawaiin teen Genshu Price has big dreams for himself and others. Three years ago, the 13-year-old began recycling bottles and cans, stocking the money away in a college fund. Then Price set his sights on a bigger goal: to collect up to 4 million cans to fund college tuition for others. Price walks beaches in […]

Texas boy collecting books for kids in need

Orion Jean has a history of giving. Last year, the Texas 10-year-old launched a toy drive for his local children’s hospital and raised funds to feed 100,000 meals to others on Thanksgiving. These days, Jean is spreading his love of reading to disadvantaged children who may not have books at home. Jean has a goal […]

Georgia man betters his community one dollar at a time

Anthony Talley is proving that even one dollar can make a difference in someone’s life. The Georgia man created a campaign called “$1 Thursdays.” Talley collects a single dollar from strangers and puts that money to work in his community. This year, Talley has raised $8,000. The donations have helped a man who lost his […]

Successful restauranteur opens pay-what-you-can eatery

Dave Heide named his first two Madison, WI restaurants after his children. When his third child was born, Heide wanted to do something a little different. Instead of focusing on food and funding, Heide wanted to serve his Madison neighbors. Named after his young son, Little John’s opened to serve Southern Wisconsin residents living with […]