Man who walks 17 miles roundtrip to and from work gifted bicycle

Donte Franklin is a cook in Oklahoma. On a typical day, the Oklahoma 20-year-old leaves his house three hours before the start of his shift so he can walk eight miles to his job. After work, he makes the same trek home. Michael Lynn spotted Franklin walking on a sweltering day and offered the man […]

Bride donates kidney to husband’s ex-wife

Jim Merthe and Debby Neal-Strickland had their first date ten years ago, more than two decades after Merthe and his first wife divorced. They married recently, and two days after exchanging vows and rings, the new bride donated a kidney to Jim’s ex-wife Mylaen Merthe. The women, who now call themselves kidney sisters, are planning […]

Teen raises more than $30,000 for children’s hospital

Anna Allen held her first thrift sale for charity when she was a sixth-grader. All the money collected went to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Six years later, the Wisconsin teen continues to organize and sell used goods out of her parent’s garage. Her annual thrift sale has become so popular, the whole community […]

Teen works for two years to buy friend an electric wheelchair

Navigating the hallways of his Arkansaw school in a manual wheelchair has always been a struggle for Brandon Qualls. When his friend saw just how much effort it took for Qualls to get to class, he stepped up to help. Teenager Tanner Wilson took a part-time job as a mechanic, saving every penny to help […]

Couple hides money in baby products to help new parents

When Patrick and Krystal Duhaney welcomed their first child eight years ago, they struggled to make ends meet. The Duhaneys are now expecting their third child. They noticed how expensive essential baby items cost on a recent trip to the store. In a better place financially, they wanted to help new parents. The California couple […]

Teen gives savings to help another go to college

   Joshua Nelson is nearing his high school graduation. The 18-year-old has been tucking away money to pay for upcoming college expenses. After winning a scholarship that covers the cost of his tuition, Nelson paid it forward. The college-bound Missouri teen formed a grant with his savings to help another student pursue their dreams of […]

Girl Scouts upcycle bottle caps into playground benches

  For two years, Girl Scout troops in Illinois collected discarded plastic bottle caps with one purpose in mind: to make sure every child has someone to play with on the playground. With more than 300 pounds of bottle caps collected, the girls made “buddy benches.” The benches are in two area parks and decked […]

Retiring mail carrier gets sweet sendoff

Brett Wittwer has served the same Cincannitti neighborhoods as a mail carrier for more than 30 years. He was used to delivering mail and gifts, not receiving them. On his last day of work before retirement, residents along his mail route came out to show their appreciation. Some greeted him at their mailbox for a […]

Man drives across town to return stranger’s wallet

When Debra Crosby reached the checkout lane at her local Walmart, she reached into her purse to pay. That’s when she realized her wallet was missing. The science teacher from Florida returned home sans wallet, IDs, credit cards, and bank information. Before reaching her driveway, Crosby’s security system alerted her that someone was on her […]

Fraternity brothers come together to pay off cook’s mortgage so she can retire

Thirty years ago, Jessie Hamilton was a cook for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on LSU campus. She kept the boys fed, listened to their problems, cheered them on, and became a cherished friend. When one of the fraternity brothers learned that Hamilton was still working two jobs to pay off her mortgage, they dug […]